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● Duration: 8 Day & 7 Night ● Activity Level: Moderate ● Small Groups ● Fully Guided Distance: 230 or 275 miles ● 6 🍷 Tastings ● 4 🍇 Vineyard Visits ● Stay at a Vineyard ● Luggage Transfers included ● Accommodation of Distinction

This bike tour is Recommended by The Sunday Times in Best Cycling Breaks, 2107

In Italy, they say that, 'In wine there is truth'.

The truth is, all visits to Tuscany are memorable but on an electric Bike, Tuscany is truly unforgettable!

Tuscany is a cycling ( and wine ) haven! 

Learn about and discover Tuscan wines as you roll along the sweeping vine lined lanes and observe the huge rolling vistas for which Tuscany is so well known.

From the comfort of your Raleigh eBike gel-seat saddle, you ascend the climbs with a great deal of ease.

Your week starts with a wine lesson from Marco Molesini in Cortona who will set the scene of grapes and areas. Your week includes 6 wine tastings, 4 visits to vineyards and an overnight stay in a vineyard.

As Dave C. so succinctly put it, an Inspired Italy eBike Safari ...

"..allows you to become the person that you really are."

Bagno vignoni - coffee stop day 3

Following in the tracks of your dedicated eBike Leader, all you have to consider is the last and the next glass of wine, wonder what sights may unfold over the next brow and what's for dinner!

"Thanks to being able to saunter up the hills – and the ebikes really do allow this – day trips of 40 or 50 miles are not onerous."

Your journey is strewn with super Tuscan wines, vineyards, olive oils, vistas and memorable meals.

Your electric Bike and wine journey starts with a private wine lesson from Marco Molesini in Cortona. Marco reveals your weeks wine and eBike route, taking you through the famous Tuscan wine terroir of Montepulciano, Montalcino and into deepest Chianti.  

Price ...

£2,495 or €2,995 per person which includes ...

✦ 8 day 7 night accommodation with all breakfasts, lunches, dinners morning coffee & water while riding

✦ Accommodation of distinction

✦ On safari luggage transfer

✦ Start & finish in Cortona, Tuscany

✦ 6 wine tastings & 4 vineyard tours

✦ Customised Inspired ITALY Raleigh Trekking eBike

✦ Full time eBike leader & support vehicle

✦ Private tours, events, entrance fees, gratuities & tips

✦ Maximum 8 per group + Leader


✓ 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷- 5 Wines Tastings including,

🍷🎓- Wine Lesson with Marco Molesini

🍇🍇🍇 3 Vineyard Visits including, 3 Wine & Olive Oil Tastings with Lunch; 1 Wine Tasting & Tour; 1 Lunch with Wine Tasting; 

✓ Stay in a Vineyard 🍇 ☀️🍷

✓ Cycle 'together'

✓ 🎥 - Visit the sites where Gladiator, The English Patient, Under the Tuscan Sun & Much ado About Nothing were filmed

✓ The Legend of Mona Lisa at Vignamaggio

Cycle Normally, but turn up the power when you need it!

✓ The Super Tuscan Wines: Chianti & Chianti Classico; Vino Nobile di Montipulciano; Brunello di Montalcino.


  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Total Cycle Distance: 275 miles
  • Average Speed: 12.5 mph
  • Total Saddle Time: 18 hours

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Heading towards montalcino


Day by Day

LUGGAGE - Your luggage is transferred, day by day to your next destination, so that you can travel light, each and every day.

DAY 1 - Begin with a private wine lesson and orientation from Marco Molesini to set up your week! Followed by dinner. STATS: Wine Tastings: 🍷 | Other Highlights: Under the Tuscan Sunset; Streets of Cortona |

DAY 2 - Noble Wines – Descend from Cortona, the Balcony of Tuscany and cross the Val di Chiana, passing the vines of Montepulciano. An extra-ordinary lunch in beautiful Montefollonico, setting the scene for our afternoon visit to Sant'Anna in Camprena, where scenes from The English Patient are set. The ride to San Quirico through goose-bump inducing, classical Tuscan scenery will stay with you as a life long memory. STATS: Miles: 41.4 | Average Speed: 12.4 mph | Saddle Time: 3hrs 21min. | Wine Tastings: 🍷 | Difficulty: 🚲 | Other Highlights: Montefollonico; Sant'Anna; Amazing Views |

The scene from Gladiator.

DAY 3 - The Gladiator, Ancient Spa & Brunello on a Bike – The views as you leave San Quirico, are devastating. Then, just as you can't imagine it getting any better, you ride right into the middle of scenes from the Hollywood blockbuster Gladiator. At the spa village of Bagno Vignoni, grab a coffee as you marvel at the natural waters. Brunnello & Bikes: A history of modern Italian bike racing, lunch and a taste of the Brunello Super Tuscan wine. STATS: Miles: 44.4 | Average Speed: 12.7mph | Saddle Time: 3hrs 29min | Wine Tastings: 🍷 | Vineyards: 🍇 | Difficulty: 🚲 🚲 | Other Highlights: Pienza; The Spa; The Wolves |

DAY 4 - The Via Francigena – Meet smiling pilgrim walkers along the Via Francigena - the famous pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome & Jerusalem - as we roll-along towards Asciano and a sunset over Siena in the heart of the Crete Sinese. STATS: Miles 29 | Average Speed: 12 mph | Saddle Time: 2hrs 23min | Difficulty: 🚲 | Other Highlights: Pizza from a wood fired oven; Crete Sinese |

DAY 5 - A Change of Scenery – The unmistakable Crete Sinese gives way to the oak woods of deepest Chianti. Here, we gain our first taste of Chianti Classico. STATS: Miles: 31.6 | Average Speed: 11.4mph | Saddle Time: 2hrs 54min | Wine Tastings: 🍷🍷 | Vineyards: 🍇🍇 | Difficulty: 🚲 🚲 | Other Highlights: Vineyard views; The Oak Forest |

Visit the felsina winery

DAY 6 - Mona Lisa & Chianti – A day to explore the depths of Chianti. Visit the villa where Mona Lisa used to play in the gardens and visited by the Kennedy's, Queen Elizabeth II and many more. Oh and taste the wines! STATS: Miles: 28.4 | Average Speed: 11mph | Saddle Time: 2hrs 47min | Wine Tastings: 🍷🍷 | Vineyards: 🍇🍇 | Difficulty: 🚲 🚲 | Other Highlights: Vignamaggio; Greve-in-Chianti; Radda-in-Chianti |

DAY 7 - The Ride Home – It's all down hill today! Whizzing through the vines, olive trees and a return to the wide open spaces of the Val di Chiana and Cortona. STATS: Miles: 55.6 | Average Speed: 12.4mph | Saddle Time: 3hrs 43min | Difficulty: 🚲 | Other Highlights: Freewheeling for miles; Trattoria Lunch; Val di Chiana |

DAY 8 - Cappuccino and Cortona – Before departure, take a coffee while drinking in the extra-ordinary gardens of Villa di Piazzano.

★★★★ Hotel Villa di piazzano, cortona -  Al fresco dining at its very best

★★★★ Palazzo del Capitano with Wellness, Spa & gardens, San quirico d'orcia, tuscany

★★★★ Villa Capitano, San Quirico d'orcia, Tuscany

★★★★ Watch the sunset over siena; castello leonina

★★★ Stay in a vineyard; livernano


"Thanks to being able to saunter up the hills – and the ebikes really do allow this – day trips of 40 or 50 miles are not onerous." 

"And if one is tiring, one can put the bike on the maximum setting, which really requires very little effort even on hills."

— Christian Wolmar, London, UK

“Fantastic way to bike-ride in Italy without worrying about the hills"

"..we were always a little hesitant because of the hills, but eBike from Inspired Italy solved that problem and then some! We felt like we were in Tour d'Italia without the effort. The bikes are fantastic, and all the equipment is first-class"

John Sweazey, San Francisco, USA

An invisible hand ..

“The electric motor kicks in only when you start to pedal, and then only with a force commensurate with your own efforts ... the system feels like an invisible hand pushing you gently up the hill .. "

— Chris Bryant, Financial Times


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