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Puts the joy back into cycling
— Graham Adamson, Canada

“Cycling the easy way.”

"As a keen cyclist adjusting to the ageing process ... Such is the power of the Ebike, if you have never been on one it is something that you ought to try at least once as it makes cycling such a joy".

— Alastair Stuart. Italy


"They boost your efforts, but do not entirely replace them"

".. because the effort is so much less, one can spend time appreciating the splendour of the countryside. Bikes always enable their riders to be ‘at one’ with the environment and these electric bikes, by removing the really hard effort normally required, allow one to progress through difficult terrain while still enjoying the trip."

— Christian Wolmar. Award Winning Writer & Broadcaster Specialising in Transport

“Fantastic way to bike-ride in Italy without worrying about the hills”

".. we were always a little hesitant because of the hills, but Ebike rentals from Inspired Italy solved that problem and then some! We felt like we were in Tour d'Italia without the effort. The bikes are fantastic, and all the equipment is first-class".

- John Sweazey, USA

".. with the eBikes, we powered effortlessly up hills that would have been otherwise painful in the hot sun. Less time sweating meant more time to enjoy the stunning scenery. I've spent countless days on the lake but cycling around it was a totally different experience and I'd do it again in a heart beat. Highly, highly recommended!

— Anna T-B, London, UK


"Don’t imagine an e-bike will do all the work for you .. "

"Out of interest, Christian and I rode our ordinary bikes up to Castel Rigone a few days later. The difference was astonishing: I felt the hill would never end. This makes me wary of e-bikes, as you could so easily get spoilt and seduced by the ease of it all."

— Deborah Maby, The Oldie Magazine.

".. fully guided safaris staying at some wonderful places.. "

" .. almost effortlessly pedalled our way up to the hilltop town of Montone for a wonderful lunch, something I would never dream of attempting on a non- assisted bike. Great way to travel, the electric assist is virtually silent so you can really experience the sights, sounds and smells of this fabulous part of the world.

— Jill P. Italy

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"They booked immediately!"

“I rushed home to tell my cousin, all about our bike holiday. They booked immediately! It was one of the best holidays that I have ever had.."

- Suzanne Dale, UK

“A great way to see the countryside.”

"Not being an experienced rider and of average fitness I was a little concerned that I wouldn't make it around the course that Tim had chosen for us but in fact the ebike made the cycling a joy and I made it up the hill to Pierle without difficulty and I could have cycled on happily for a few hours. The bikes are great on the white and the metal roads."

— Emma D. Italy