A Family eBike Holiday in Italy vs Pokemon Go

For the October 2016 half-term school holiday, Mark and Erica took their two boys, Nico and Toby ( and their PokemonGo ) on a self guided electric bike tour of Umbria in central Italy.

Teenage Boys & eBikes

Toby, 16 years, freely admitted that he “doesn't normally enjoy cycling”. So, he was given charge of the Garmin Edge GPS Navigation system, fitted to his Inspired ITALY Raleigh Motus Trekking eBike with gel-seat saddle and shown how to get the best from the Bosch on-board computer system. It wasn't quite PokemonGo but you could see that he was delighted at the prospect of the new, yet real life technology!

A Family eBike Holiday in Italy

A Family eBike Holiday in Italy

The combination proved to be a hit with Toby and resulted in high praise. When they returned to base Toby proclaimed “I enjoyed the cycling” while 12 year old Nico lavished his praise upon the experience saying that the “Cycling was better than expected”. 

For the all the family, ages and abilities

Mark and Erika wanted an active and relaxing holiday for all of their family. 

Mark is a keen cyclist, while Erika has her own eBike which she uses occasionally. The boys love their Pokemon Go and do little cycling.

The Inspired ITALY Raleigh Motus eBikes meant that they could all cycle together. The climbs were completed without trauma or too much complaint. According to Mum, 12 year old Nico managed the most challenging day at 35 miles and three climbs with only a slight moan!

In total, the family covered around 160 miles over the seven night, eight day bike holiday with a day off in Assisi.


Ease of Navigation

In the rural areas of Italy, you may find that roadmaps are generally poor by comparison to the ones you might be used to. When you are actually ‘on the road’, roadsigns are not as comprehensive as you find in your home country too.

To overcome this, Inspired ITALY provides the Garmin EDGE GPS on-bike navigation system as part of your package. All routes and route options pre-programmed. 

When you come to a junction, the Garmin makes a loud audible ping and indicates the turn, left or right. 

Toby said, “The Garmin GPS made it very easy to navigate without having to stop to read the map”. Mark added, “We could enjoy the cycling and scenery without having to worry about the map reading and watching for road signs”.


Comprehensive, Discreet & Bespoke Service and Support

Mark and Erika considered organising the trip themselves and quickly realised that they needed local support in order to ensure that their holiday ran smoothly. “The service and support was comprehensive and discreet”, said Erika.

Knowing that a helping hand is just a call away or that your can Whats App or SMS with questions and queries at anytime, is a great help and comfort.

Daily information was sent to Mark and Erika on matters such as weather warnings or suggestions on alternate routes.

Luggage Transfer

Each day their luggage was transferred by Inspired ITALY from hotel to hotel. All they needed to carry in their bike safari panniers were the items required for the day ahead. 

In October, you need a light weight jacket for the chilly mornings as well as the obligatory camera and extra drinks and snacks.

Gubbio - stay here night 3

Gubbio - stay here night 3

Quiet Roads

The routes selected by Inspired ITALY keep you well away from the busier main roads. Although you occasionally encounter some larger traffic, on the whole Italian drivers are very considerate of cyclists, as cycling is a huge sporting activity in Italy.

How was your eBike holiday?

We asked Erika and Mark how things went overall? “It exceeded our expectations” they told us and adding, “It was an active but relaxing holiday allowing the whole family to enjoy the Italian countryside, cuisine, culture and small towns. The stop-offs were stunning locations”.